bregazzi: insignificants

insignificant: "too small or unimportant to be worth consideration"

This is intended to be a year-long project in which I rather optimistically intend to post an image each day (at least for the first week/month) of a found insignificant. This could be a tattered wall, stains, peeling paint, faded tags, the effects of light on a surface, or combinations of any of these; or it could just be something insignificantly "out of the ordinary".

Many of these will be photographs taken in an area I have provisionally called the back-lanes - an area roughly bordered by Western Terrace, Woodlane, the Harbour frontage, and Killigrew Street. The exact location of the back-lanes images will be generalised to "back-lanes". Other images may be given a precise location.

While small objects may be moved, and light/shadow and painted tags are inherently fugitive, large objects can also disappear - the doors in image 5/360 were demolished a week after the photograph was taken.

30/335: claws; 11.20, Monday 30th January; home, Falmouth
29/336: eye; 11.27, Friday 27th January; Prince of Wales Quay, Falmouth
28/337: once white wall; 16.03, Saturday 28th January; home, Falmouth
27/338: growth; 12.27, Thursday 19th January; right portal, Marlborough House, Falmouth
26/339: black hook; 10.59, Wednesday 25th January; Truro
25/340: seven again; 10.56, Wednesday 25th January; Truro
24/341: sunlight; 11.44, Monday 23rd January; back-lanes, Falmouth
23/342: wall; 11.40, Monday 23rd January; back-lanes, Falmouth
22/343: untitled; 10.56, Sunday 22nd January; back-lanes, Falmouth
21/344: crack; 14.36, Thursday 19th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
20/345: snails; 12.53, Wednesday 18th January; yard gates, Marlborough House, Falmouth
19/346: fish; 10.38, Wednesday 18th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
18/347: top class fun; 12.12, Monday 16th January; Swanpool, Falmouth
17/348: pebbledash; 15.43, Tuesday 17th January; Swanpool, Falmouth
16/349: finials; 14.21, Tuesday 10th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
15/350: wall painting; 10.35, Saturday 14th January; north-east corner of Swanpool, Falmouth
14/351: cracks; 10.48, Saturday 14th January; retaining wall, Pennance Road, Falmouth
13/352: sofa; 11.04, Saturday 7th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
12/353: calligraphic deletion; 14.20, Tuesday 10th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
11/354: blush; 14.58, Wednesday 11th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
10/355: untitled; 14.18, Tuesday 10th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
9/356: rain; 11.04, Saturday 7th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
8/357: primate; 11.06, Saturday 7th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
7/358: hand; 14.28, Friday 6th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
6/359: truncated tags; 15.03, Thursday 5th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
5/360: locked doors; 14.22, Thursday 5th January; back-lanes, Falmouth (now demolished)
4/361: wall (dry); 14.22, Wednesday 4th January; back-lanes, Falmouth
3/362: number seven; 10.47, Tuesday 3rd January; back-lanes, Falmouth
2/363: a heart fractured; 10.10, Monday 2nd January; back-lanes, Falmouth
1/364: a heart broken; 15.19, Sunday 1st January; left portal, Marlborough House, Falmouth
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