bregazzi: all the days in March

For reasons that still remain unclear to me, I set myself the challenge of chosing one photograph from all those I managed to take on each day in March 2016 - a photograph that I would be confident to publish online.

But then the problems entered the scene. I would be using a full-frame DSLR with a 50mm prime lens, combined weight of 2.2 kilograms. So no impulsive stuff; and only zooming with my feet. Also, Falmouth has one of the largest populations of photography students in Europe, certainly on a per capita basis. So there was the added challenge of, "oh, every student's seen that...". Caution would reign over the shutter release, though there would always be a stark need to produce an image.

Then there were decisions to be made about image processing - what do I allow? Should it all be hand-held? Should it all be available light? And how much information do I provide in the caption?

Time resolved these issues - except for the biggest problem - taking the photographs in the first place, especially on rainy days... (hide)

sea and sky - a soft Kenneth Noland: 17.50, 31st March, Sunny Cove
door: 14.09, 30th March, Falmouth
rain: 13.36, 29th March, Falmouth
footpath: 16.11, 28th March, Budock
hedge: 13.28, 27th March, Falmouth
wall: 16.07, 26th March, Falmouth
ploughed-in: 14.45, 25th March, Reskajeage Downs
rain: 16.27, 24th March, Falmouth
deck: 11.34, 23rd March, MV Bretagne
potatoes: 11.28, 22nd March, Pointe Saint-Mathieu, Finistère, Breizh/Bretagne
red: 11.57, 21st March, Crozon, Finistère, Breizh/Bretagne
wall: 09.44, 20th March, Ruguel, Finistère, Breizh/Bretagne
wall: 14.50, 19th March, Roscoff, Finistère, Breizh/Bretagne
granite: 10.26, 18th March, Ploumanac'h, CĂ´tes-d'Armor, Breizh/Bretagne
rust: 15.05, 17th March, Falmouth
corner: 16.20, 16th March, Falmouth
garage: 15.56, 15th March, Falmouth
wall: 12.09, 14th March, Falmouth
meadow: 09.43, 13th March, Maenporth
tree: 11.42, 12th March, Truro
wall: 10.14, 11th March, Falmouth
garage: 11.03, 10th March, Falmouth
corner: 12.27, 9th March, Falmouth
gone gate: 13.45, 8th March, Falmouth
garage: 12.48, 7th March, Falmouth
gorse: 12.18, 6th March, SW Coastal Path
pontoon: 12.15, 5th March, Malpas
creek: 11.18, 4th March, Devoran
school wall: 14.27, 3rd March, Truro
artillery platform: 18.16, 2nd March, Falmouth ?
This is not an available light image... I had to wait all day for a parcel delivery and could only get out after darkness was fast approaching. This soft image used ring-flash, so I may have to go back to re-shoot with the additional aid of a tripod... (hide)
seat niche: 15.54, 1st March, Falmouth
pleasure boat: 12.34, -1st March, Falmouth
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